Angular & Warp — A collaboration geared towards increasing streams of yield across DeFi

Angular Finance
3 min readDec 21, 2021


Welcome to the Angular Finance Medium! We are starting our medium journey with an exciting collaboration announcement that is deeply tied into our vision and mission for improving liquidity provisioning opportunities across the DeFi landscape.

Before we get into the exciting news, we want to re-introduce ourselves and the reason behind our project for those that are newly joining our community.

Angular Finance enters the Dotsama Ecosystem

Angular Finance is an isolated lending pair protocol built with and on Picasso in a joint venture with Basilisk. Angular Finance is a substrate-based pallet designed to foster LPing in DeFi by allowing any user to create isolated pairs consisting of any assets. Our technology opens the door to a wide range of LPing opportunities for DeFi users.

Unlike popular DeFi lending platforms like Compound, where borrowers take on the risk of the entire platform, users can leverage Angular to create lending pairs where users are only subject to the risk of the pools they are involved with — thus isolating the risk.

Check out these articles for our proper introduction and information regarding our joint-venture efforts.

Introducing Warp Finance

Warp Finance is a big inspiration behind our efforts. We aim to enable similar opportunities for LP and yield but in the Dotsama ecosystem through Picasso. Warp is a protocol that allows users to collateralize stablecoin loans using LP tokens.

Users can earn yields on their digital assets by way of liquidity provisioning, with accrued LP tokens now having a use case — collateralizing stable coin loans.

We encourage our community to learn more about Warp Finance and their exciting innovation as they recently announced important updates that are soon to launch.

We are pleased to announce that our efforts for improving liquidity provisioning (LP) and enabling new streams of yield across the DeFi ecosystem have been strengthened by our new collaborative efforts with the team at Angular Finance. Angular Finance is a Warp inspired protocol for the Dotsama ecosystem and our joint vision is poised to usher in more yield generating opportunities across the DeFi landscape.” — Warp Finance on this collaboration

Angular & Warp

Angular and Warp are now pleased to announce a promising collaboration that is charged towards improving LPing opportunities across the DeFi ecosystem.

To showcase our appreciation for the support and inspiration from Warp and to solidify our collaboration, we are initiating a buyback strategy whereby part of the fees generated by Angular Finance will go towards buying Warp tokens. This strategy not only showcases our shared vision through actionable efforts but also grows our networks in a mutually beneficial way.

This collaboration and our buyback strategy is extremely exciting for the users of both protocols and the communities therein. We are amplifying our efforts and converging the visions for long-term unification of an interoperable future to enable free assets and novel opportunities for members of our communities.

This is expected to further incentivize users to participate and leverage LPing opportunities in DeFi, making for a broader composable community comprising users across both protocols — Warp and Angular.

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DeFi has taken a central stage in the future of the Web3 economy. Warp Finance is on a continued mission to unlock new dimensions of liquidity into DeFi and Angular Finance fosters this same vision through the development of risk-isolated lending pairs. This collaboration will drive both platforms to new heights as we innovate and service users in the broader DeFi ecosystem.

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